image 24 April, 2019

And The Journey Begins

Several weeks ago my pastor shared a moment of transparency with the congregation and he said “You know I tell my wife sometimes I don't know if I am doing this right but I am going to ride this thing until the wheels fall off.” And in this moment that is where I find myself and I am sure a lot of us too. The journey to self discovery is a long and arduous one but once your at your true self that's when the true journey begins. With the beginning of that journey a key component and aid is vulnerability.

Honesty with self is the BEST policy. I found myself seeking validation or assurance I should say to determine if I am doing this right. know life. Am I doing life right? Up until recently, I had always tried to find a formula, because once you have a formula you can achieve the goal quickly and avoid any “unnecessary” aggravation. However, that's not how life works. Life does not have a formula.

It was not until I had a moment of honesty/vulnerability with myself to “self-check” and was like I don't need to seek validation or reassurance from people or my spiritual family because I had already gotten it from God. I had to trust that if I were on the wrong track or going to make an unwise decision He would re-direct or correct me. I had to finally surrender and come to the realization that I am not supposed to have my life figured out, all planned out, right now. I am a student at this, and the people whom I was seeking reassurance from were not my Master.

Life doesn’t have a formula. I accept that I am okay with saying “Yeah, I don't know if I am doing this right but I am just going to keep on going, keep on stepping out and believing...I’ll end up where I need to be eventually. Life is to be lived, not figured out, because the truth of the matter is by the time we have life “figured out” it will be time for us to leave this earthly plane.

I’ll keep riding this thing until the wheels fall off.

Life is to be lived not figured out. In living that means I will cry, crawl, stumble, and then get right back up again. Life is to be felt, not shielded and guarded and cold. So I choose to live my life and feel all that I am meant to. No matter where I go and how it turns out I will always say “Wow, what a journey! Life is still good. I don't know if I am doing this right but I’ll keep riding this thing until the wheels fall off.”

Let the journey begin... And so it is!

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