image 22 April, 2018


We often hear the phrase “People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” A lack of understanding about the purpose of each type, level or degree of interaction, can create negative emotions and misguided perceptions and beliefs regarding these connections.

HOWEVER, when we understand the PURPOSE and PROCESS of our interactions, we can shape our activities to meet expressed needs at the reason-level connections; we are able to share the growing and learning experiences at the season-level connections; and we build the solid foundation upon which lifetime-level connections are constructed.

Recognize and Accept the ones who connect for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

image 8 April, 2018

Be Transformed

Excerpt from the Soul Work 101-Identity Workbook.

“I am a Spiritual Being moving through a physical experience. The goal of Soul Work is healing. The objective is to fulfill purpose.

Every person is on a soul journey. The steps for spiritual growth and development are contained within this life-long physical journey. Life experiences are a reflection of core beliefs. These experiences show up as channels for change, to assist in the shift of core beliefs, in order for higher consciousness, and identity awareness to be achieved and for purpose to be fulfilled.

Soul Work is the response to the soul’s call for change. A desire to alter life experiences is a prompt to grow, be transformed. Change is a consistent process in the universe. A shift in relationships, responses and actions are required in order to answer the call to change...the call to be transformed.”

image 10 March, 2018


Life Lessons are often physically, emotionally and financially painful. For this reason we can begin to believe the lessons are DON’T TRUST, DON’T LOVE, or DON’T GIVE. However, the journey called life is fluid, dynamic, ever moving, ever changing and multifaceted.

Whatever becomes and remains stagnant, dies. Instead of applying the one lesson of DON’T, start implementing another lesson from the series and DO WITH CAUTION. If we do this exercise long enough, then graduation will take place.


image 27 February, 2018


Choose to let go of all the things that have no lasting meaning.

Choose to develop wisdom and love.

Choose to see the presence of light in every situation.

Then, choose to see life through the lens of of self and love of others.

Remember, every choice has a personal, a relational, an environmental impact.

image 20 February, 2018

Forgetting: The Forgiving Process

“I’ll forgive but I’ll never forget.” We’ve heard it. We’ve said it. However, the Forgiveness Process is incomplete without release of the memories associated with “the event.”

Continuous replay of negative mental pictures create memories and learned emotional responses associated with those memories. Complete the Forgiveness Process. Replace the negative images with positive ones. Form new associations between the stored memories and a positive emotional response. Create a new mental picture. Forgive and Forget.