image 28 January, 2018

Love Language

Love is a method of communication, just like language. Love is subject to miscommunication and misinterpretation, just like language. We are wired to communicate. We are wired to love.

The same barriers that influence our attempts to communicate, can also hinder our attempts to love. Stuff like emotional interference, incorrect filtering, poor listening and differences in perception, need to be evaluated and improved in order to facilitate ease in communicating...ease in loving.

image 1 January, 2018


Life is full of a series of first events...of first experiences. Sometimes we can become stuck in the euphoria or the trauma of THAT FIRST, and miss the possibility and potential of THE NEXT ONE.

Today is a good day to become open to new experiences. Release past firsts. Discover delights in presents firsts. Expect, hope and believe in the light and love future firsts can unveil.

image 14 December, 2017


ACKNOWLEDGE the existence of experiences that bruised the soul.

ACCEPT them as pit-stops on the journey that has shaped and molded you.

RELEASE feelings of guilt, shame or unworthiness associated with those experiences.

Be Free. Be Healed. Be Happy.

image 10 December, 2017

Conscious Choice

There is power in every choice. Healing or harm, joy or sorrow, peace or dis-ease are the results of choosing to hold certain thoughts or choosing to take certain actions. If a loving heart and conscious awareness are the guiding forces of our choices, then, peace, love, joy and fulfillment will be the outcome...will be the reward.

image 22 October, 2017


Hope is a rejuvenating energy. It changes sensation in an environment, changes perception of time, and changes belief in potential. Hope actualized is the full expression and essence of a rectified ego. Hope reconnects us to our source identity...our “True Self.”