image 13 October, 2017

Naked and Ashamed

Fear of being unmasked, unveiled and emotionally vulnerable hinders any movement toward unification with “True Self.” Belief in separation is ego’s way of maintaining a false desire to be disconnected.

Interconnections are fundamental to developing and sustaining relationships, including a honest relationship with self. Release fear, change beliefs, refine life experiences.

image 25 September, 2017

Soul Light

There is a spark of light in every soul. To become attuned to the essence of “True Self,” it is necessary to connect with the spark, allowing it to flare, expand and strip away extraneous mental and emotional veils. Let your soul light energize, rejuvenate and renew YOU.

image 11 September, 2017

Soul Work

Soul Work is a journey which takes us from the childlike state of non-individuation, along the path leading to independence or the willingness and ability to make autonomous choices. Then, ultimately the journey continues until we get to the gateway which reunites us with “True Self,” Purpose and Assignments.

image 8 September, 2017


EXERCISE FORGIVENESS: We pay a price for holding on to bitterness, anger, resentment and hatred. We can forgive and release negativity without denying the occurrence of an event. Each act of forgiveness is an act of love.

EXERCISE PEACE: We participate in the peace effort through acts of reconciliation. Make peace with self, friends, family members and even the individuals with whom we are in or have had conflict.

EXERCISE KINDNESS: We practice kindness by demonstrating love, support and acceptance toward ourselves and others. Acts of kindness require conscious consideration of words and action.


image 28 August, 2017


Soul Work is an inner journey. It requires a willingness to dedicate a block of time for the purpose of being still, being meditative and being reflective. We may not be able to completely withdraw, but we have to secure the time and create the space necessary to turn inward and listen to the sounds of our souls.

Seeking “true self” begins the process of individuation. We begin to discover who we are, our reason for being and our position in the plan.