image 26 August, 2017


The divorce, job loss, retirement, graduation, illness, death, geographical move, financial loss or gain is no accident. In the midst of these situations is time to take stock and reflect. It’s time to ask questions and seek answers that will lead to the next stage in the journey. This is the time for soul searching. It’s time to do the work that will heal the wounds of the soul. It’s time for change.

image 9 August, 2017

Conscious Movement

Conscious movement is a great mind/body awareness tool. It can reduce stress and lead to better insights into the needs of the body. Conscious movement can generate the healing power of positive energy.

image 3 August, 2017

Covenant Relationships

Soul Work is a journey which takes us from the childlike state of non-individuation, along the path leading to independence or the willingness and ability to make autonomous choices. Then, ultimately the journey continues until we get to the gateway which reunites us with “True Self,” Purpose and Assignments.

image 26 July, 2017


Become your own Change Management Specialist.

1. RECOGNIZE the need for change.

2. WANT to make the change happen.

3. KNOW you have the ability to change undesired habits and behavior.

4. ENCOURAGE yourself when changes are successfully implemented.

image 21 July, 2017


Journaling is a reflective activity that enhances creativity and sharpens emotional awareness. It is a tool to release feelings, engage in self-analysis, and reveal hidden wisdom. Journal daily about experiences, achievements, reactions and responses.