image 5 August, 2018

The Symbolism of Life Changes

Whether physical, relational or financial, a life challenge signals a need for healing. Healing simply means to realign to an intended state, somewhat like a mechanical reset or reboot.

The root of a life challenge is usually internal...a subconscious trigger which produces an external demonstration such as physical illness, emotional turmoil, or financial struggle. Therefore in order to “fix” the problem, move through the issue and restore order and balance, it is necessary to analyze the symbols in the life challenge.

Objectively define the response or reaction to the challenge, acknowledge the thoughts associated with it, and find the memory connected to the reaction and thoughts. The memory of that experience is what needs to be forgiven, released and healed.This “work” is required for positivity, balance and light to be restored.

image 29 June, 2018

Freedom: Healing and Wholeness

Soul healing and wholeness is possible. It’s a process. It takes commitment. It is an emotional journey. The initial steps in the process are recognition and acknowledgment of the emotional issues which need to be healed.

The next step requires an answer to the question...“Do I want to be healed?”

Sometimes the path to healing is more painful than the issue itself. Nevertheless, if the answer to step two’s question is “yes, I want to be healed,” then, step three in the process starts with a willingness to SURRENDER AND FORGIVE.

Surrender is to release the bondage of every negative thought, word or action associated with the issue. Forgive everyone and everything connected to issue, including yourself.


image 22 June, 2018

Time and Purpose

Purpose is a journey comprised of various assignments at different times. The experiences along the way shape and mold us. They ignite passion and fuel focused intent. The experiences prepare us for the times, when who we were created to be, collides with the things we were created to do. Then, living unfolds with new meaning

image 9 June, 2018

The Purpose Puzzle

We exist for a reason. All things have purpose. Although your purpose is assigned to you, the journey to its fulfillment requires connection and interaction with others.

Though the tasks we are alive to complete may be unique, each one is needed by someone, somewhere, at sometime. We are all bound together in some way.

image 30 Apr, 2018

Self Care

Too many of us are “running on empty.” We do not take time to care for our “Higher-Selves.” The result is dis-ease in soul, mind and body.

Consider this challenge...a day of rest challenge. Make a conscious choice to select one day per week to rest the body, mind and soul. Call it a ''Free To Be” day. Rest from physical labor, social media, and all stress and drama.

The benefits will be a refreshed and renewed mind, body and soul, with an invigorated new vision and a rejuvenated sense of purpose. Hopefully continued participation in this challenge, will result in a lifestyle change. You deserve it.