image 04 April, 2019

Next Generation Plea:Where are the Midwives?

We are the next generation; as you know. Not just chronologically but spiritually. We are the next generation. We are the next generation in these Last Days. The war that has been waged against us is unlike anything we have ever seen before. The Lord is pouring out His Spirit just like He said, but we don’t quite know how to process it. Who is this God , you talk to us about? Who is He to us? Does He love us? How can we reach Him? Do we disappoint Him?

These are the questions that plague our minds daily. We are unsure, confused and don’t know what our next move should be? We are conflicted. You see it as us being unruly, demonic, or needing to be brought down to the Pastor for a talking to!” But no! We don’t quite know who we are… yet. You can tell us we are children of God, but we must believe it for ourselves. We say we are stressed, and you say we have nothing to be stressed about. How so?! Can we talk? Can we be frank? It is not the schoolwork, or friends or hormonal changes that stress us out.

It is the war waging against us. War in our minds. War in identity. We strive to be and search for and reach for Our Father, but we come up against everything possible to keep us from attaining this. We have heard the stories and the testimonies of the trials and tribulation but what does that mean for us? The enemy has launched an attack on us that is beyond our comprehension. This is only because his time is coming to an end… albeit he has already been defeated before the very foundations of this world, but we still have to walk out this prophecy… the promise. How do I travail? What does it mean? We are coming up on unchartered territory. Our forefathers and mothers have never been this way...

We are the next generation. We are the next generation in these Last Days.

To Be Continued...

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