image 25 March, 2019

The Paradox of a Faith Child

My, oh my, oh my! What a paradox it is to be on this faith walk, this life journey, this effervescent stream. What does normal mean? Where do I fit in that spectrum? How can I be normal? After all I am a faith child right?!Don’t we have to be normal?

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image 8 February, 2019

The Crown: The Jewel of Jealousy Part Four

The thing about life is that we experience both the good and the bad. This duality teaches us balance. It teaches us how to balance the weight by leaning on our bad experiences to gain the strength to guard our fine and authentic jewels.

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image 26 January, 2019

The Crown: The Jewel of Jealousy Part Three

It’s interesting how once God changes your life and transforms you that you begin to come across those who are exhibiting the same toxic behaviors you once had. As God began to work on me and my perception of self changed, I got my authentic fine jewel back.

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image 15 January, 2019

The Crown: The Jewel of Jealousy Part Two

How do I know this to be true?I know because I, at one point in time, had exchanged one of my authentic fine jewels for the counterfeit jewel of jealousy. I grappled with feelings of inadequacy. I thought that others didn’t deserve the blessings they had because I thought I deserved them.

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